Certified Access Specialist in Santa Clarita

ADA Compliance Inspection and Property Walks by an Experienced Certified Access Specialist

Stop Possible Lawsuits , Become 100% Compliant

30 years in the Construction Industry                          

We can provide guidance to become ADA Compliant.


USA-ADA is an American with Disabilities Act Inspection Firm providing businesses with 
Inspection reports showing where to improve their compliance and lessen liability to lawsuits.

​What can I do to Stop a Lawsuit?                                     Become 100% Compliant to State and Federal ADA Codes

Why do I need a CASp Inspection?                               To help Identification those areas not in Compliance                     

Why should we become Complaint?                             To stop possible lawsuits and Increase potential business                                          

Can I do an inspection Myself?                                      Yes, you can doing a self evaluation, Start moving Forward  

What does a CASp Report do for Me?                           Allow for a Court Stay & Early Evaluation and limiting damages  

For More Information, Please review some of these Websites:

For Legal inquiries review Senate Bill 1608 & Senate Bill 1186