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For Legal inquiries review Senate Bill 1608 & Senate Bill 1186

USA-ADA is an American with Disabilities Act Inspection Firm providing businesses with 
Inspection reports showing where to improve their compliance and lessen liability to lawsuits.

30 years in the Construction Industry                          

We can provide guidance to become ADA Compliant.


Stop Possible Lawsuits , Become 100% Compliant

ADA Compliance Inspection and Property Walks by an Experienced Certified Access Specialist

Certified Access Specialist 



​What can I do to Stop a Lawsuit?                                     Become 100% Compliant to State and Federal ADA Codes

Why do I need a CASp Inspection?                               To help Identification those areas not in Compliance                     

Why should we become Complaint?                             To stop possible lawsuits and Increase potential business                                          

Can I do an inspection Myself?                                      Yes, you can doing a self evaluation, Start moving Forward  

What does a CASp Report do for Me?                           Allow for a Court Stay & Early Evaluation and limiting damages